Conclusion: 28 Days of Blogging

February is ending and so is our 28 Days of Blogging challenge. This is the fourth year I participate and I still like it very much. Blogging to me is a wonderful balance to my job. As much as I love teaching, I also enjoy writing a lot and not talking to anyone in the evening. Sometimes it even sounds crazy to myself that I decide to blog daily while working so many hours. But the challenge also forces me to stop thinking about my job and focus on my free time, my hobby.

Conclusion: 28 Days of Blogging | janavar

This year I have posted a total of 24 posts in February. Strictly speaking, I have not totally fulfilled the challenge. But I guess it is always good to have space for improvement, maybe next year. The hardest part this year was not coming up with ideas and writing 28 articles, but that I suffered from a bad sinus infection for about two weeks and even spent almost a week in bed. That prevented me from getting my normal job done and also from preparing more blog posts. I think it worked better during my vacation. Even though I traveled for a whole week and without my laptop, I had scheduled some posts and prepared others which I only had to add photos to for example. In total three out of the four February weeks were kind of disrupted so that I am proud to have published that many posts.

I must admit that I had very little time to read other blogs or comment there which I was a little sad about because I didn’t really support my fellow bloggers participating in the challenge. Neither did I use social media enough to make people aware of my many new posts. I know that I used to be much better in previous years. But having not blogged regularly for about 12 months shows its negative impact.

After all I am happy and proud that I handled the challenge as well as I could, esp. given the circumstances. It made me realize that I can still blog, that I still have plenty of ideas, that I still feel I have something to say or show – and that is a pretty good feeling after nine years of blogging. I only have to focus my attention on the blog again. I don’t think I’ll continue blogging six times a week this year, but I hope to make a routine of three to four posts per week. Although I have a friend visiting these next two weeks, I hope to still stick to my goal. So in March I want to tell you more about my vacation and all the amazing places we went to. I want to publish more beauty posts again because I have so many amazing beauty products that maybe feel a little neglected (although I do use them regularly). I try to cook more at home and come up with new recipes every now and then. And then there is still a piece of news that I have kept from you for a while, but, now that all my close family and friends know, it is time to publish that in a blog post very soon.

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