A Walk through Boston’s North End

So we had the first summer day of the year today. More than 20 °C. On 24 February. Concerning the climate change, this is very alarming. For me, on a personal note the day was enjoyable. After so many cold weeks with short days, it is great to spend as much time as possible outside, to get out my sunglasses, to feel the warm sun on my naked arms. And I think everybody in Boston felt the same because the city was absolutely crowded. I left the house at 10 a.m. because I really wanted to be in the sun. After a short ride on the T I arrived at Boston’s North End, which is also called Little Italy, and took a walk.

In Little Italy the streets are still narrow and crooked. The terraces are pretty and remind me of Manhattan. The cars drive quite slowly, which is nice for walkers. In contrast to my area in Cambridge where people seem to move in and out at a fast pace, mostly for their jobs, the North End seems to be an area where people really live – like settling for a long time. At least I see many people there talking to each other in the streets, whereas most of my neighbors don’t even say hello to me in the hallway. One third of the population in the North End is still Italian or American with an Italian descent, in 1944 it was even % 99.9.

There are many small shops, and uncountable restaurants and cafes in Little Italy. I like that there is so much food to choose from. Except for a day in Venice when I was 14, I’ve never been to Italy. So I can only assume that their food is absolutely splendid. Because in Boston’s Italy it is. I still remember when I came here to one of the street festivals in summer 2015 and ate cannoli for the first time. So delicious! And you can get them everywhere; they fill them according to your wishes.

Being in the sun and filling up on vitamin D always makes me happy. I don’t even know why I had put on my leather jacket. It was way too warm, but I also didn’t want to carry it in my arms.

In the Old North Memorial Garden they collect nameless dogtags for each fallen American soldier in the wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and Isis. It is shocking how many tags there are. They tinkle softly in the wind.

I like this architecture. Most buildings in the area are from the end of the 19th and start of the 20th century. I have a friend who lives in the North End and even though the apartments are small, they are beautiful. I sometimes wish I could live there, but probably I’d get fat fast because I’d eat cannoli every day.

At the end of my walk I went to my favorite bakery, Maria’s Pastry. This is not one of the big pastry shops on the main street, but I prefer this small one on Cross Street. Maria’s Pastry also has a big variety, and I like the atmosphere in the family-run shop. They even still talk Italian to each other, which I obviously don’t understand, but it sounds fun. I usually go for a filter coffee and an éclair. Since I was a child, I’ve loved éclairs, and these ones are really good. Today I was lucky because they had already put two tables and chairs in front of the shop so that I could sit in the sun.

Since Boston isn’t very big, the South Market is only a stone’s throw away from the North End. I next went there and watched some street artists. I stayed outside almost until it became dark because I am sure that the weather won’t stay like this. There might be many cold weeks ahead until summer returns.

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  1. Hi, deine Frisur steht dir super. Ich fand deinen Rundgang auch sehr interessant, hätte mehr Hochhäuser vermutet, aber die “alte” Architektur gefällt mir viel besser. Ich liebe auch Spaziergänge mit einem guten Coffee to go. 🙂
    Liebe Grüße

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