5 Fragen am Fünften – September 2019

It is September and Luzia Pimpinella asked more questions for her five-questions-each-month-project.

1. What do you consider yourself too good for?
The first thing that came to my mind: ironing. It is something I feel my parents do not understand at all, but many of my peers do. I haven’t had an iron in years and I do not intend to change this. I almost exclusively buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed. When we take our laundry out of the dryer, it is as good as ironed. And ironing is such a boring activity in my opinion. I own a small steamer though for emergencies – I think I use it about once every two years.

5 Fragen am Fünften - September 2019

2. What do you eat when you are frustrated?
Sweets, particularly chocolate and cake/pastries. It is a bad habit, but also I feel I don’t comfort eat as much as I used to anymore. That is possibly one of the great advantages of aging (very slowly I may add): I care less about what other people think or say about me and that used to be a big part of my frustration. Nowadays I seem to eat more unhealthy foods when I am absolutely knackered. I definitely try to avoid the main station entrance to the commuter rail when I go home because there is a Tim Horton’s. I could easily develop the habit of getting a sweet coffee with whipped cream and a donut every afternoon.

3. When was the last time you went to an amusement park?
Jeez, I can’t even remember. I assume I went to Copenhagen’s Tivoli at one point in the last ten years. I love that park because it offers a great mix of rides and shows. If you ever visit Copenhagen, go there!

Else, I tried the roller coaster on the New York New York hotel in Las Vegas almost three years ago. And the Ferris wheel in the same city. But that was obviously not an amusement park (although then again Vegas pretty much is one giant one, isn’t it?). By the way, the roller coaster was far scarier than I thought because several loopings had me totally upside down. I felt slightly nauseous when I left.

5 Fragen am Fünften - September 2019

4. Which drink do you order in a pub?
Cider is my go-to drink. I love its refreshing taste, it is almost like apple spritzer. Well, apple cider in the U.S. In other countries I also order rose or other fruit ciders if they have them. Not too dry though. Canada for instance has many more cider choices. I also drink beer, esp. the seasonal ones. Right now they serve Octoberfest and pumpkin spice ones. I prefer lighter and not so hoppy beers in general. When I don’t feel like alcohol at all, I always order a coke (the classic one with the full amount of sugar).

5. What clothes do you feel best in?
Interesting question. I love dressing up! I have all those beautiful dresses and shoes – and then I feel that a lot of times casual wear wins. I definitely preferred my style when I still lived in Istanbul because it was much more elegant with a rocky touch. In Boston women sometimes addressed me on the street when they felt my shoes were “very beautiful, but not very appropriate for here”. And while I thought it shouldn’t be any of their business, it still influenced me to dress down. But … Manhattan of course is a whole different story. Manhattan is the place where everyone can wear what they want and nobody else cares at all (except for a few tourists maybe). I am now slowly finding my way back to my favorite wardrobe pieces.

I also think my clothes are usually simple, mostly unicolored and well fitted. I wear a lot of blues, pinks and greys. I actually love t-shirts and sweaters with fun sayings or cat pictures. And I try to add a little twist with accessories like big earrings or interesting shoes (just thinking of my high heels with feathers, my transparent mules or even my espadrilles with big bowknots).

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