5 Beauty Products I Love, But Rarely Use

Although I don’t buy as many beauty products as I used to, I still own a big amount. While it is easier to use up care products, I have more difficulties with makeup. It takes so long to empty even one eyeshadow palette or a bottle of nail polish. Trying my best still doesn’t show real results here. And then I also have some products that I love so much that I don’t dare using them often or that I never really have the opportunity to. I am presenting five of these to you today.

janavar.net | 5 Beauty Products I love, but rarely use

The oldest of these beauty products is the Benefit Brow Zings*. When I lived in Istanbul, I went to the Benefit Browbar every few weeks, and I still believe that my brows never looked as good. There I also bought the eyebrow powder, and I really like it. But in the morning I am usually faster using a pen, although I prefer the result when I use the powder.

I am a huge shoe lover. But shoes take up a lot of space, too. And they can be pretty expensive. When Louboutin launched their makeup collection, I got myself a lipstick*. It is stunning, but it was so pricy that I don’t dare to use it (as in soooo soooo soooo expensive that it is the most expensive lipstick I have ever bought – and it is still rather cheap in the U.S. in comparison to Europe). Or rather I don’t want to put it in my handbag to paint over my lips later on and at the same time risk losing it.

Dior is one of my favorite brands which is why two products made it into this post. My then best friend had the Dior Addict perfume* and I always liked it. Eventually I bought it for myself. I love the oriental scent that is both floral and spicy, but it is a perfume I only put on in the evening. Since I don’t go out that much, I hardly ever use it. For the day I also have the Addict to Life version, which is way lighter. The other Dior product is my Addict It-Line eyeliner in pink. Again, I adore the color, but it is not exactly one I put on when I leave for work.

The last product are my [amazon_textlink asin=’B01I9CO6EQ’ text=’Cover FX custom enhancer drops‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’janavar-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’d810d62b-0d40-11e8-80be-eb6570df1c13′]* in celestial. They are so pretty, but not ideal for my normally quite oily skin. It takes only one drop too many for me to look like a bacon rind. This is why I mostly ignore the beautiful drops. Maybe if I played with them a little more, e.g. when I just stay at home on weekends, I’d feel more confident using them.

janavar.net | 5 Beauty Products I love, but rarely use

I am also afraid that if I never use these beauties, they will go bad eventually. I think I need to find a strategy so that I use my great treasures more. I never bought them so that they would only gather dust.

Do you have any beauty products that you hardly use although you love them?

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2 thoughts on “5 Beauty Products I Love, But Rarely Use”

  1. Ooooh, I know this problem so well though it applies to about 90% of my make-up stuff rather than just a few pieces (that lipstick is STUNNING!). I tend to buy eyeshadow, especially, mostly because I like a colour but barely ever wear it. I tell myself to start wearing it simply so it gets worn but we all know that this doesn’t work. ^^

    Love from Hanover,

  2. The problem with these items is that they DO go bad. Maybe not the lipstick (I have some, too that are ooooooold). I have a friend who has a cupboard filled with expensive, beautiful water glasses. She one day decided to simply USE them. She doesn’t care if they break or not, anymore. Because then, they have a reason to exist in her home.
    So, if you use those items and lose them, at least you know that you didn’t buy them in vain 😉
    Yours, Izi

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