5 Beautiful Things on this Saturday

1. It is a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning; after the weeklong heat wave temperatures have finally fallen and are now tolerable; and I am sitting in my boyfriend’s new apartment in Murray Hill, in the middle of Manhattan. I have spent most of this week here and have fallen very much in love with the neighborhood. I mean not only can we see the Empire State Building from this very apartment, but there are cute independent cafes in the area, little shops, parks, and beauty salons where you get great manicures for only $10.

5 Beautiful Things on this Saturday | janavar.net

2. Talking about Midtown, Bryant Park is one of my favorite places here. I enjoy sitting on the grass or on one of the many little chairs and watch all the people around. Since the park is so central (just behind the Public Library on 5th Ave), there are both many tourists and locals there. There are so many free activities in Bryant Park every day during the summer, like boules, juggling, dance and music performances, movie nights, etc.

5 Beautiful Things on this Saturday | janavar.net

3. I recently subscriped to Kindle Unlimited because I realized that I shouldn’t buy any more books. They take up too much space and with every move I seem to have to downsize more. I just donated two big boxes of books, sigh. Therefore e-books are my way to go. My subscription lets me discover plenty of interesting books though. I recently read “The worst detective ever” series* and enjoyed it very much: Joey Darling is a famous TV detective. But after her marriage falls apart and her father disappears, she finds herself on the Outer Banks (North Carolina) and gets involved with several murder cases.

4. In an hour I’m going to meet a good friend of mine for a bit of shopping in Chinatown. Right now, I am happy about splitting my time between Boston and New York City (although I am not as happy that we are now in a long distance relationship). And I am also glad that I know at least one other person here besides my boyfriend.

5 Beautiful Things on this Saturday | janavar.net

5. Tomorrow morning I am going to take the bus back to Boston. I can’t wait to see Canavar again. And also our new studio apartment, which we only moved into a week ago. I hope that my little fluff ball is alright and we’ll have a long cuddle session once I arrive.

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