My November 2021 Goals

In October I wasn’t as focused on my goals – and it shows. I only reached 2/3 of my October goals. So I am deferring most of the ones I have not completed to November. On the one hand, these goals help me set up routines. On the other hand, I have to make sure to remember them better so that I also establish said routines. And sometimes I am just scatterbrained. Like when I packed my laptop to blog on my Vermont trip, but forgot the WiFi adapter at home. I(t) definitely is a work in progress.

My Goals for November 2021 are:

  • blog consistently at least 3 times per week
  • to finally make that tavuk göğsü
  • execute a baby DIY I have planned
  • find out if our health insurance reimburses the childbirth preparation class
  • also attend the birthing class in a few weeks
  • go swimming at least once per week
  • set up and stick to a study schedule for the Coursera (*affiliate link) training I’m taking
  • order baby things to my parents’ so that they can bring it when they come here at Christmas
  • make a fancy Thanksgiving cake
  • set up all the Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving
  • get at least half of my Christmas shopping done
  • have our pictures taken to order Christmas cards
My November 2021 Goals | janavar

My Goals for October 2021 were:

  • find/make a fun Halloween costume √: we were the Grinch and his dog Max
  • empty the last few boxes we have standing around √: finally done – there is so much space now in our apartment
  • install the shelves and small drawers in my closet (we bought them, but haven’t unpacked them yet) √
  • go on a road trip to see the foliage in New England √: I went to Vermont at the start of the month
  • make plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas √: for Thanksgiving we have booked a trip to Boston; my parents will come here for Christmas
  • find and register for a birthing class √: we found the only in-person class they offer in Manhattan right now
  • read more about hypnobirthing √
  • register for dental insurance √
  • blog consistently at least 3 times per week X: well, I published 13 blog posts, but not 3 per week
  • execute a baby DIY that I have planned X: I haven’t gotten any further than ordering all materials that I need
  • finish at least two courses on Coursera (*affiliate link) X: I haven’t worked consistently enough and only finished one more
  • make tavuk göğsü X: no, but the chicken breast is already in the fridge and waiting

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