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Travel: Starting My First Road Trip with a Pinch of Drama

On Monday morning I finally brought myself to pack my suitcase, book a hotel room online, get into the car and start driving towards Upstate New York. After I had said goodbye to Canavar and my trunk was filled to capacity (oopsies, but I do have a lot of photography gear, a small camping chair, […]

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A Walk through Boston's North End

A Walk through Boston’s North End

So we had the first summer day of the year today. More than 20 °C. On 24 February. Concerning the climate change, this is very alarming. For me, on a personal note the day was enjoyable. After so many cold weeks with short days, it is great to spend as much time as possible outside, […]

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janavar-travel-trip-las-vegas-december-2016 (3)

Travel: First impressions from Las Vegas

I am back from my trip to Las Vegas. Actually, I already arrived home yesterday morning and used the day to rest and recover. Unfortunately not from any crazy Vegas experience, but from my night flight. Although I usually sleep everywhere without any problems, I can’t when there is a small kid screaming for the […]

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2016, we need to talk

Dear 2016, I was really looking forward to meet you. It was the last day of 2015 and it snowed so much in Istanbul, where I was to visit some of my best friends, that we had to give up all of our plans to go out on New Year’s Eve. Instead we stayed at […]

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Living in the US: Let's talk about garbage

Living in the US: Let’s talk about garbage

Recently, two pieces made me think of the important topic of garbage, or rather how to deal with it: Corinna’s post on waste disposal in Italy and this short video, which compares Germany and the US in that aspect. Having lived in different countries, I know that every country has its own ideas, which range […]

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