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Conclusion: 28 Days of Blogging | janavar

Conclusion: 28 Days of Blogging

February is ending and so is our 28 Days of Blogging challenge. This is the fourth year I participate and I still like it very much. Blogging to me is a wonderful balance to my job. As much as I love teaching, I also enjoy writing a lot and not talking to anyone in the […]

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10 Tips How to Gain More Time for Yourself | janavar

10 Tips How to Gain More Time for Yourself

Recently I have worked about 60 hours a week (minus when I am on vacation or sick of course) and when I looked into my planner today, I was getting the sense that that might not change any time soon. But there are so many other things and tasks I have or want to do […]

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My last straw is stainless steel | janavar

My last straw is stainless steel

Today was the first day at school after winter break. In one high school German class I repeated how to write an argumentation with my students. Since this was more about the writing skills than any specific topic, the students chose a thesis themselves: “Plastic straws should be forbidden globally.” I felt pretty smug when […]

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Thoughts on Who I Was and Who I Am | janavar

Thoughts on Who I Was and Who I Am

On Wednesday evening I went to a Damien Rice concert here in Boston. While it was absolutely wonderful, it also gave me food for thought. The singer interacted a lot with the audience so that we could hear much of his beautiful Irish accent. And that was what brought out many memories from within me. […]

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About Missed Opportunities

Yesterday after work I spontaneously went to the cinema to watch “Murder on the Orient Express” (my best reason: it rained and I couldn’t find a parking spot in my street so I continued to drive to the cinema – when I came home a few hours later, I could park very close to my […]

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