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5 Beautiful Things on this Saturday | janavar.net

5 Beautiful Things on this Saturday

1. It is a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning; after the weeklong heat wave temperatures have finally fallen and are now tolerable; and I am sitting in my boyfriend’s new apartment in Murray Hill, in the middle of Manhattan. I have spent most of this week here and have fallen very much in love with the […]

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janavar.net | Beauty Products to Extend That Summer Feeling

Beauty Products to Extend That Summer Feeling

We had a very prolonged summer this year, until last week when the weather turned from warm and sunny into a wet and windy fall. Right now it looks like fall has come to stay, which I guess is alright at the end of October. Honestly, I can’t complain although I would always prefer summer. […]

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Summer Wish List

While we (that is Canavar and I ) are transpiring at 32 °C, we are also happy that it finally is this hot. Of course, it would be nice if our apartment had an AC, but we can’t have it all. Instead, I have closed all the windows and lowered the blinds – which works […]

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Outfit: First Summer Dress

Hi from the Dominican Republic! I am very much in love with everything right now – the dark-green palms, the warm sea, the perfect climate with high temperatures (finally!), my big hotel room, the food choice, the convenient bar in the pool, etc. After two Boston winters, I don’t even mind the heavy showers every […]

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