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Janavar Moves to New York City | janavar

Janavar Moves to New York City

So much for my goal to blog more regularly. But the last few weeks were slightly insane and I needed the first week of spring break to catch up on sleep and relaxation. I managed at least to be more active on Instagram, even though that is still not the same as writing longer texts. […]

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Travel: Why I love Manhattan | janavar

Travel: Why I love Manhattan

Sometimes my boyfriend and I joke that I am a lot more excited about him living in the middle of Manhattan than he is. I would totally move there if I could and hardly ever leave the island again. But since this is almost impossible thanks to my visa, I have to make do with […]

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5 Beautiful Things on this Saturday | janavar.net

5 Beautiful Things on this Saturday

1. It is a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning; after the weeklong heat wave temperatures have finally fallen and are now tolerable; and I am sitting in my boyfriend’s new apartment in Murray Hill, in the middle of Manhattan. I have spent most of this week here and have fallen very much in love with the […]

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janavar.net | Another Weekend in New York City

Another Weekend in New York City

In my last post I shouldn’t have been too hopeful for not having to adult too much anymore for the rest of the year. Or in other words: my car gave up yesterday morning. I had just started it, drove around the first corner, and the engine switched off – while driving. I couldn’t restart […]

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6 Attraktionen New Yorks mit dem NYC Pass

Auf meinem Computer gibt es so viele schöne New York-Bilder, die ich weiter gerne anschaue. So lange ist die Reise auch noch gar nicht her. Daher möchte ich heute mal ein paar Attraktionen präsentieren. Am günstigsten kommt man in die Touristenmagnete mit einem New York City Pass, der 106 $ kostet anstatt 179 $ für […]

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