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Friday's Five

Friday’s Five

1. This morning fall was definitely in the air and I wore a long, warm cardigan and wrapped myself in an over-sized scarf. It is the right time to sip pumpkin spice lattes [here is an old psl recipe from a time before I lived in the U.S. and when I could not buy them […]

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4 Weeks in Manhattan | janavar

4 Weeks in Manhattan

I can hardly believe that it has already been four weeks since Canavar and I moved to Manhattan and in with my boyfriend. Sometimes I just look around and I am still surprised that we live here together. That I don’t have to spend many hours on busses between Boston and New York City anymore […]

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The Beauty of a Summer Storm | janavar

The Beauty of a Summer Storm

I love summer. Really. I love the heat and the sunshine. I love lying in the sun for hours. After our last winter in Boston lasted seven months, I enjoy every day with temperatures of over 10°C. Even more the ones over 20°C. What I don’t like is humidity. Unfortunately, last weekend it was extremely […]

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NYC Bloggers: My First Ever Blogger Meeting | janavar

NYC Bloggers: My First Ever Blogger Meeting

I have blogged for about ten years, more or less consistently on this blog (with a few name changes) since 2010. And it took those ten years before I finally went to my first blogger meeting. When I moved to Manhattan, I searched on Facebook for a NYC blogger group because I didn’t know anyone […]

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Women's Soccer - Welcome to 21st Century! | janavar

Women’s Soccer – Welcome to 21st Century!

My relationship with soccer started when I was a small child. My parents still tell the story where I apparently planted myself in front of my dad and told him that soccer was absolutely boring and useless. Could we please watch something else? (Back when we only had one TV with three channels.) My next […]

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