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July 2019 Goals | janavar

July 2019 Goals

So. July. The month I waited for so eagerly. The beginning is mostly characterized by our house moving. Over the course of the next few weeks this will hopefully change – namely to me being absolutely excited about living in Manhattan and exploring my new neighborhood. Even though I dislike moving, I am usually good […]

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June 2019 Goals | janavar

June 2019 Goals

Wow, I can hardly believe that it is finally June. It even looks like winter has left us after seven months. This now is my big month – my last month in Boston, the last month of school for this school year and my moving month to New York City. My monthly goals therefore revolve […]

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May 2019 Goals | janavar

May 2019 Goals

May is one of favorite months. And while I’m writing this post with the heating on once more, I get my hopes up that spring is just around the corner. 1. I’m celebrating another birthday in three weeks. Even though I don’t like my age and specifically the number increasing, I have learned over the […]

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Happy New Year & January 2018 Goals | janavar.net

Happy New Year & January 2018 Goals

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you started the new year well! I spent the last few days in Istanbul, but arrived home yesterday evening. While I enjoyed sunny 15 °C in Istanbul, a blizzard approached New England. We already kind of knew on Tuesday that thanks to the heavy snowstorm we […]

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