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Travel: My 7 Favorite Cafés in Montreal and 1 Restaurant | janavar

Travel: My 7 Favorite Cafés in Montreal and 1 Restaurant

Coffee coffee coffee Coffee Coffee coffee Why are you talking Coffee This is one of my favorite poems. I simply love coffee. I enjoy it even more when I have got plenty of time, like when I am on vacation. There is almost nothing more fun than sitting in a cosy cafe, sipping a good […]

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10 Reasons to Visit Montreal

I am in Montreal for vacation for the second time in five and a half weeks (and I am already plotting when to go again). Obviously there are many reasons why I visit the same city again and again. I have collected ten why you should visit Montreal. It is a big city. I am […]

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M Montreal – My Favorite Hostel Ever

When I travel alone – which is most of the time – I try to stay in inexpensive accomodations, esp. in cities. That allows me both to travel more and to have more money to spend on my trips. When I booked my hostel in Montreal though, I didn’t expect much. I paid 113 USD […]

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