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Week in review: 22 – 28 April 2019

I thought I’d use my weekly reviews to tell you more about our apartment search: Apt. 2: Well, we never got to see it because they didn’t allow cats. Although the apartment was listed as petfriendly. Interestingly, the agent just blamed the website. Sure … Apt. 3: Close to 54th Street. We were there a […]

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Friday's Five | janavar

Friday’s Five

1) Spring time Spring has finally reached even New England. And I was brave enough to put my winter clothes away this week and take out my summer clothes. I think everything is so much nicer and prettier when it is warm and green outside and I can wear one of my beloved summer dresses […]

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Week in review: 15 - 21 April 2019 | janavar

Week in review: 15 – 21 April 2019

Yesterday evening I was for the first time able to relate to this dialogue from one of my favorite movies, “Sex and the City 2”: Finding the perfect apartment in New York City… …is like finding the perfect partner. It can take years. Big: So how many is this? Carrie: Thirty-three. Big: Lucky 33. Estate […]

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Janavar Moves to New York City | janavar

Janavar Moves to New York City

So much for my goal to blog more regularly. But the last few weeks were slightly insane and I needed the first week of spring break to catch up on sleep and relaxation. I managed at least to be more active on Instagram, even though that is still not the same as writing longer texts. […]

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Week in review: 25 February - 3 March 2019 | janavar

Week in review: 25 February – 3 March 2019

Even though this is already a new week, I want to share my favorite piece of news with you: I have got a snow day today. Now that it is March, the snow is finally arriving in Boston. I obviously feel very ready for spring since we have had winter since the start of November […]

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