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Summer Wish List

While we (that is Canavar and I ) are transpiring at 32 °C, we are also happy that it finally is this hot. Of course, it would be nice if our apartment had an AC, but we can’t have it all. Instead, I have closed all the windows and lowered the blinds – which works […]

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Fashion Inspiration: Love for Cats

I sometimes wonder what makes me a crazy cat lady? I mean, yes, I have Canavar, but he is only one cat. Granted, I might have more cats if he wasn’t so unsocial, but as it is he is the only cat in my life. Neither do I substitute Canavar for other personal relationships. Sometimes […]

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Black Friday: My new toys

Last week I almost wrote a post on what little importance I attach to days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That was obviously before said days. Experiencing these last year for the first time, it seems I didn’t grasp the whole extent those days have when it comes to special offers and discounts. I […]

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