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About Missed Opportunities

Yesterday after work I spontaneously went to the cinema to watch “Murder on the Orient Express” (my best reason: it rained and I couldn’t find a parking spot in my street so I continued to drive to the cinema – when I came home a few hours later, I could park very close to my […]

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Life Update - I minus a tiny piece

Life Update – I minus a tiny piece

You might be wondering why I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks. Again. Obviously, something happened that prevented me from writing – and still kind of does. That something was last week on Friday. It was just before lunchtime, I could already feel the weekend approaching. I was still at work and I had to […]

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2016, we need to talk

Dear 2016, I was really looking forward to meet you. It was the last day of 2015 and it snowed so much in Istanbul, where I was to visit some of my best friends, that we had to give up all of our plans to go out on New Year’s Eve. Instead we stayed at […]

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Living in the US: Let's talk about garbage

Living in the US: Let’s talk about garbage

Recently, two pieces made me think of the important topic of garbage, or rather how to deal with it: Corinna’s post on waste disposal in Italy and this short video, which compares Germany and the US in that aspect. Having lived in different countries, I know that every country has its own ideas, which range […]

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10 Gründe, warum ich die Türkei liebe

Da gebe ich hier groß meine Bloggingpläne bekannt und dann hatte ich gestern keine Zeit mehr für den ersten Post meiner Türkischen Woche :-(. Denn als wir gestern früh mit dem zweiten Bus in Yalova ankamen, war unsere Wunschfähre natürlich ausgebucht, so dass wir eine andere zu einem anderen Anleger nehmen mussten. Kartal liegt aber […]

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