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Fünf Fragen am Fünften: February 2018

It is almost mid-February and therefore time again for the next set of five questions that Nic asks on her blog luziapimpinella every month: 1. Are you wide awake as soon as you wake up in the morning? That depends. I have realized that this changes depending on the time I set my alarm for. […]

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janavar.net | Fünf Fragen am Fünften: January 2018

Fünf Fragen am Fünften: January 2018

There are so many great blogger projects this year. I so far like Luzia Pimpinella‘s most of all. She asks five questions every month and everybody is free to answer them. This reminds me of Max Frisch’s “Questionnaire”, a whole book that consists only of questions on 12 different topics. I am fascinated by thinking […]

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