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TBR: Books Found on My Shelf | janavar

TBR: Books Found on My Shelf

During the last year most of my books had to stay in the basement due to lack of space. I didn’t like this solution, but my studio in Cambridge was too tiny to put them onto shelves. But now that we live in our nice and big one bedroom apartment, I could finally take all […]

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tagebuch der anne frank

Books I Read in Spring 2019 Pt. 2

I know I know. It is the height of summer and I still haven’t even presented all the books I read this spring. When I have little time, I tend to rather read than write. Thank god for summer vacation where I finally have time for both. All the following 12 novels are part of […]

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Books I Read in January 2019

In January I only read fantasy books, seven in total. I had started to re-read all Harry Potter books at the end of last year and finished that at the start of this one. To make it short: I love the whole Harry Potter series. I enjoy plunging into the magic world again and again. […]

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Book Challenge 2019 | janavar

Book Challenge 2019

Reading is one of my favorite activities. Over the last few years, I have always read about 70 years annually. I have also realized that I tend to read mainly books that are easy to read for me, i.e. I love fantasy novels for instance and read a lot of that genre. Obviously, apps like […]

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The Books I Read in 2018

Reading is one of my favorite activities. There is nothing like relaxing on my sofa, sipping a hot coffee, and losing myself in a good book. I also fall asleep better when (or rather while) reading. I think my love for reading also becomes obvious in the number of books I read every year. In […]

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