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Recipe: Turkish açma

Recipes: My 5 Favorite Turkish Dishes

For a very long time I almost only went shopping in Middle Eastern food markets in and around Boston and almost only bought Turkish foods. I missed Turkish food that much. Over time I adapted more to the food culture around me and I would say that I now eat a mix of different cuisines, […]

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5 Netflix Series I Recommend Right Now | janavar

5 Netflix Series I Recommend Right Now

I am, just like most of you probably, waiting for the final season of “Game of Thrones”. But I actually also enjoy many other series and thought I’d present the ones I have recently watched and would totally recommend to you. For today I limit myself to Netflix – the U.S. version. When I was […]

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January 2019 Empties | janavar

January 2019 Empties

When I took photos of the products I emptied in January, I was actually a little disappointed that I hadn’t managed to use up more. It had definitely felt like more. Either I forgot to throw some into the bag which I collect the empty bottles in or I can only hope that many are […]

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Week in review: 4 - 10 February 2019 | janavar

Week in review: 4 – 10 February 2019

So this week happened. And I didn’t really participate. On Tuesday after work I dragged myself to urgent care and had them attest that I had yet another bad sinus infection – that was already day 8 after it had all started with an allergic reaction. I only picked up antibiotics and some other medicine […]

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Food: 3 Easy Avocado Toasts | janavar

Food: 3 Easy Avocado Toasts

One of my favorite German words is “Stulle”. I have had endless discussions with students about its meaning because every region uses different words or varies the meaning slightly. In my region “Stulle” is used for both a slice of bread and an open sandwich. I usually eat it for breakfast and dinner, while I […]

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