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Week in review: 22 – 28 May 2017

My exuberance has continued this week. On Monday I was incredibly lucky and managed to get my license plates, the E-Zpass for driving on interstates, and my Cambridge parking permit within three and a half hours. In between I picked up my car and had it undergo the state inspection. Since I have been driving […]

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Travel Photo Diary: Atlanta

It was about two months ago when I was so sick of the Boston winter that I needed to escape. I flew to Atlanta for a weekend because it was warm there. Although the city is famous for the World of Coca Cola and the world’s largest indoor aquarium, I didn’t do any touristy stuff. […]

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The Books I Read in April 2017

I’ve recently read many books. In April especially because I spent two weeks on the beach or at the pool. To me there is hardly anything better than lying in the sun and reading, well, and drinking cocktails and cooling off every now and then either in the sea or in the pool. Cecelia Ahern: […]

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Week in review: 15 – 21 May 2017

On a personal level, this has been a crazy week. In an utterly positive way. I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams I had had for years. And no, it isn’t another pair of Manolos, although I’d never say no to those either. After waiting for more or less 15 years, I bought a car […]

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Beauty: What I ordered from Germany

The U.S. is a shopping paradise for many things, and I still can’t enter a Sephora store without ending up buying something. When I still visited the U.S. as a tourist, I would save money and buy esp. beauty products you couldn’t find in Europe or that were much more expensive there. But since I’ve […]

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