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Why I stay in Boston for winter break

There are only 16 hours left between me and the start of winter break. And just like I was looking forward to all holidays when I was a student, I am as a teacher. A whole week off. Including the weekends that means nine days of sleeping in. Nine days of endless possibilities what to […]

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Beauty: January & February 2017 Empties

I know it is only mid-February, but looking at all my other products I don’t think another one will be empty before the end of the month. Actually, I find it intriguing how sometimes I don’t seem to be able to use up any product for several weeks, and then suddenly it’s three or four […]

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Recipe: İmam bayıldı – or: The Imam Fainted

This Turkish dish is so good that the imam fainted. Or that is at least one version of how this aubergine dish got its name, imam bayıldı. But when the smell of cinnamon and the other spices started drifting through my kitchen, I found that story pretty plausible. Of course I had eaten it before, […]

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15 Things to Do on a Snow Day (or on Any Other Day Off)

Today was an amazing day. I mean every extra day off is wonderful. I am grateful to Mother Hulda and the masses of snow she is granting us with. It actually didn’t snow much anymore, but it was very windy. But seriously, I would never complain about a snow day because there are so many […]

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Week in review: 6 – 12 February 2017

Great news for me: Because it is snowing so much and there is even a snowstorm forecast for tomorrow, Boston’s mayor has called out a snow day for schools tomorrow. Since I am one of the lucky ones who live in an apartment complex where the superintendant is responsible to clearing the ways, I can […]

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