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Recipe: İmam bayıldı – or: The Imam Fainted

This Turkish dish is so good that the imam fainted. Or that is at least one version of how this aubergine dish got its name, imam bayıldı. But when the smell of cinnamon and the other spices started drifting through my kitchen, I found that story pretty plausible. Of course I had eaten it before, […]

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Recipe: Pecan Pie

Do you know the movie “When Harry Met Sally”? I only watched it last year for the first time, and I don’t understand why I never did before that. It is an amazing movie, funny, entertaining, in parts profound. And of course it is all about an epic love story. My favorite scene though isn’t […]

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Things I Can’t Live Without + Recipe for Shakshuka

If there ever was a fire, I’d probably only grab Canavar because he is more important to me than anything else in my apartment. And, having the tiny brain he has, he’d put up a huge fight so that I’d have my hands full with rescuing him while trying not to receive too many deep […]

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Recipe: Octopus in tomato wine sauce

The one reason why I would ever prefer Greece to Turkey is the octopus. In Turkey you can only find cold octopus pieces in one kind of salad, but in Greece … oh that’s a totally different thing. In Greece they grill them, they boil them, they make salad out of them. If I were […]

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Friendsgiving dinner 2016 (+ recipes)

First of all, please let me introduce you to Jacques! Those of you who follow me on Instagram might know Jacques already. Our relationship was short, but amazing since he was just perfect. I took him home with me on Thursday evening and he spent most of his time in my bathtub, making Canavar go […]

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