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Things to Do in Montreal in Winter | janavar

Travel: Things to Do in Montreal in Winter

Montreal is one of my favorite cities. To me it is the perfect blend of Europe and America. The landscape is obviously Northern American, the city lies on an island at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. You can find everything Northern American there, like the same retail and coffee chains. Everybody […]

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Fünf Fragen am Fünften - February 2019 | janavar

Fünf Fragen am Fünften – February 2019

Since it is the 5th of February, it is time for more questions from Luzia Pimpinella‘s five-questions-each-month-project. 1. Which is your super power? Sleeping. I strongly believe I have a great talent for sleeping. Not only do I usually fall asleep immediately, but I can also sleep anywhere and everyhwere. This is why I don’t […]

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Week in review: 28 January – 3 February 2019

It is only an hour until the Superbowl starts. And I have to hurry writing these lines as we still have to pick up chicken wings we have ordered on our way to watch the Superbowl with friends. I am still more interested in the halftime break, but with all those proper Bostonians and Patriots […]

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How I Come Through the Cold | janavar

How I Come Through the Cold

This week has been especially cold. Even here on the East Coast windchill temperatures reached a low of minus 25 °C. They made my car give up once more, i.e. the battery discharged again. I won’t even try to start it again before temperatures rise next week. And I know we are really lucky here. […]

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28 Days of Blogging 2019 | janavar

28 Days of Blogging 2019

It is 1 February and that means it is time for another round of “28 Days of Blogging”. Just like in previous years I participate again in the project that Nadine from But First Create once started. The goal is to blog daily during February. Last year I totally failed whereas I did pretty well […]

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