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Outfit: Rocking around the Christmas tree

To be honest, I am way too lazy to really rock around the Christmas tree. Also it would prove too difficult since I’ve put my Christmas tree into a corner of the living room. And everytime anybody gets too close, the tree sheds loads of needles. That doesn’t stop the cat from brushing against it […]

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Outfit: Abercrombie & Fitch full-zip hoodie

Some wishes are totally irrational. For me one of those dated back to 2006 when I spent an Erasmus year in Ireland. In contrast to students in Germany, the Irish ones usually went to class wearing hoodies and sweatpants. I didn’t like it at all, and I still don’t because I don’t see why you […]

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Coffee love

Until ten years ago I didn’t even like coffee. At all. Then I went to Ireland in 2006 and that was the time when all those coffees with sweet sirups came into fashion. And sugar and I have always been in love. Basically it is sugar’s fault that I eventually became best friends with coffee. […]

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Outfit: Throwback to the beach

I am still struggling to adjust to the late fall weather. On Saturday I wore my warm winter coat for the first time, and in contrast to when I was younger, I don’t mind wearing hats and glove. The most important thing – now that I am apparently old and grown-up and wise – is […]

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Have a spooktacular Halloween 2016!

Can you believe that it’s already the last day of October? For the last few days there have been many funny animals, batmen and skeletons running around because it’s Halloween! I must admit that I still don’t see the point in celebrating Halloween big in Germany, but then again I haven’t lived there for a […]

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