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NYC Bloggers: My First Ever Blogger Meeting | janavar

NYC Bloggers: My First Ever Blogger Meeting

I have blogged for about ten years, more or less consistently on this blog (with a few name changes) since 2010. And it took those ten years before I finally went to my first blogger meeting. When I moved to Manhattan, I searched on Facebook for a NYC blogger group because I didn’t know anyone […]

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Conclusion: 28 Days of Blogging | janavar

Conclusion: 28 Days of Blogging

February is ending and so is our 28 Days of Blogging challenge. This is the fourth year I participate and I still like it very much. Blogging to me is a wonderful balance to my job. As much as I love teaching, I also enjoy writing a lot and not talking to anyone in the […]

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28 Days of Blogging 2019 | janavar

28 Days of Blogging 2019

It is 1 February and that means it is time for another round of “28 Days of Blogging”. Just like in previous years I participate again in the project that Nadine from But First Create once started. The goal is to blog daily during February. Last year I totally failed whereas I did pretty well […]

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And then I suddenly stopped blogging. And reading blogs. There were so many other things going on that I couldn’t concentrate on my oldest hobby. For a while I didn’t even miss blogging. There wasn’t any time and I felt it was more important to make use of everything happening in the real world (as […]

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28 Days of Blogging 2018

The “28 Days of Blogging” project is becoming a tradition. Nadine from but first create called on bloggers once more to publish one blog post a day during February. Just like in 2016 and 2017 I participate. As you notice it is 2 February today – so I guess I am a little rebellious this […]

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