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How I Maintain My Dyed Red Hair

I actually never saw myself as a redhead. If you had asked me a year ago, I’d have sworn that of all hair colors in the world I’d never choose red. But here I am with red hair, I’ve had that hair color for almost seven months now, and I love it. It all started […]

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Beauty: Shimmery Makeup for Spring |

Beauty: Shimmery Makeup for Spring

I know it’s only the end of February, but I can’t wait for spring anymore. Today I saw the first snowdrop buds. Since it’s supposed to be around 10 °C for the rest of the week, I guess we can see the little flower in bloom very soon. Unfortunately, I made the mistake and checked […]

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Beauty: January & February 2017 Empties

I know it is only mid-February, but looking at all my other products I don’t think another one will be empty before the end of the month. Actually, I find it intriguing how sometimes I don’t seem to be able to use up any product for several weeks, and then suddenly it’s three or four […]

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Beauty: November & December 2016 empties

For a while I just threw the packages away once I had emptied a beauty product. But I like to read the empties posts on other blogs. And when I collect them, it also motivates me to first use up one product before using another. My biggest problem though is using up makeup products. It […]

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Beauty inventory: Shampoos & conditioners

I think I haven’t yet told you that I’ve found a great hairdresser here in Cambridge. In my opinion finding one resembles having three numbers in the lottery (maybe even four), esp. since prices here are at least three times as high as to what I paid in Istanbul. This hair salon was recommended to […]

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