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5 Beauty Products I Love, But Rarely Use

Although I don’t buy as many beauty products as I used to, I still own a big amount. While it is easier to use up care products, I have more difficulties with makeup. It takes so long to empty even one eyeshadow palette or a bottle of nail polish. Trying my best still doesn’t show […]

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Beauty Products to Extend That Summer Feeling

We had a very prolonged summer this year, until last week when the weather turned from warm and sunny into a wet and windy fall. Right now it looks like fall has come to stay, which I guess is alright at the end of October. Honestly, I can’t complain although I would always prefer summer. […]

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Outfit: Beach Life

I am one of those people who love to spend whole days on the beach. I alternate between eating, sleeping, reading, and swimming. Well, maybe, that depends on the water temperature. I never get bored, only tired after hours in the fresh air. It definitely is a great advantage that I finally have my own […]

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Beauty: My Favorite Summer 2017 Lip Colors

It is summer, it is warm, I feel much more energetic, and I have way more fun doing my makeup every morning. What helps is that the creams my dermatologist prescribed to me finally seem to work so that my skin is a lot clearer. That makes me feel more comfortable playing with my makeup […]

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Beauty: What I ordered from Germany

The U.S. is a shopping paradise for many things, and I still can’t enter a Sephora store without ending up buying something. When I still visited the U.S. as a tourist, I would save money and buy esp. beauty products you couldn’t find in Europe or that were much more expensive there. But since I’ve […]

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