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My Shower Products

When we looked for an apartment, one of my priorities was to have a bath tub. (Fyi, my first priority was of course finding a cat friendly apartment, and then I had written a list of ten priorities almost all of which were fulfilled.) Then I took over most of the space on the shower […]

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Beauty: A Week of Lips #1

I have a huge makeup collection. And even though I do not feel like reducing it, I think I should use all products more regularly instead of always just the same ones. I really like Dani’s Beauty Blog where she has posted about her weeks of lips for several months now. So I also want […]

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January 2019 Empties | janavar

January 2019 Empties

When I took photos of the products I emptied in January, I was actually a little disappointed that I hadn’t managed to use up more. It had definitely felt like more. Either I forgot to throw some into the bag which I collect the empty bottles in or I can only hope that many are […]

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Recent Empties - Starting New in 2019 | janavar

Recent Empties – Starting New in 2019

I used to share my emptied beauty products with you regularly and it helped me a lot in being more conscious about all the products I own. Plus after all those years of blogging and reading blogs, I still enjoy reading empties posts on other blogs. So I have decided to collect my empty bottles […]

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5 Beauty Products I Love, But Rarely Use

Although I don’t buy as many beauty products as I used to, I still own a big amount. While it is easier to use up care products, I have more difficulties with makeup. It takes so long to empty even one eyeshadow palette or a bottle of nail polish. Trying my best still doesn’t show […]

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