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Week in review: 23 – 29 May 2016

Sometimes it is way too easy to spoof me: yesterday my friend said we’d take the car and go to a beautiful part of New England where there are mountains, woods, lakes. And it was absolutely stunning at Mount Monadnock. Only: I always tell people that I hate hiking. And I do. I hate those […]

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Fashion: Stripes, pink & happy

Fashion: Stripes, pink & happy

One of the scariest things happened when I looked into the mirror last weekend: I thought it is really cool to be in my thirties. I am glad I am not in my teens or twenties anymore, I am glad I am independent, grown-up, and look my age. There, I’ve said it. Of course it is […]

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Week in review: 9 – 15 May 2016

On Friday I explained to my friend what a blog actually is, and what I’ve written about for the last five and half years. We came to the point where I had to ask myself why I practise self-censorship. When I was in Istanbul, I used to utter my political opinion from time to time, […]

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Travel photo diary: Miami

I know, I know. I’ve been back from Miami for four weeks, but I still post mostly Florida pictures. I promise that this is one of the last big Miami photo posts – I have a good feeling that spring has finally arrived even in Massachusetts, and I won’t need to long for the south […]

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Outfit: Pink dress on Key West beach

Seriously, I always seem to get it wrong when I move. My favorite climate zone is in the south where it’s always warm, like in the subtropics or tropics. And still I end up in places where winters are way too cold, wet and long. Disappointing. I always feel better as soon as I am […]

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